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Q&A - Four Questions about Random Address in the US

Submitted by Webmaster on Thu, 2022-08-25 15:41

Since we added the random address page to our website, the number of page views is gradually increasing, so let's take a look at the most frequently asked questions about random addresses.

What is the Random Address?

Usually, a standard address consists of a street address, city, state, and zip code, giving location information for some buildings, apartments, other structures, or land. A random address provides information about an unknown location that is only related to a geographic location and does not contain any other information, and there is no pattern to the location of the address.

What random address does our site provide?

Our website provides real random addresses in the United States. These streets and addresses are real but do not contain any personal information about the address. In addition to real residential addresses, PO box addresses, rural route addresses, or highway contract route addresses may also appear in the random address lists.

Why use random addresses?

  • To protect personal privacy.
  • When you register for a website or application, you may use a random address to complete your registration to access that website or application if you do not want them to know your real address.

  • For security purposes.
  • When you use a website, application, or streaming service that may access your personal information, you can fill in false information and a random address to browse, which you can replace with your information once you trust it.

  • For testing purposes.
  • If you have developed an address-related function, such as marking all target customer locations on a map based on their addresses, or testing the registration system after you finished, you may need some actual addresses for testing. At this time, you can use random addresses to get some real addresses for testing.

  • Discover the unknown.
  • If you are curious about the unknown, you can write a letter to a random address to see if that address exists. Maybe someone will reply to you, and then you'll have a new friend. Or if you're tired of the same routine, you can go to any random address in your free time and see if it brings something new into your life.

Is it legal to use random addresses?

It depends. First of all, using a random address is not illegal. If it harms other people or society, it is not acceptable.

When it comes to using a random address to register, for some unknown or unsafe websites or applications, you can use the random address and fake personal information to browse first. However, some registration information is not suitable for using random addresses. For example, the address information when applying for a credit card must be your real information, otherwise it may cause a failure in your application.

In the digital world, it is important to keep information private. I stand by the correct use of random addresses.

Here are some tips to find random addresses on our website.

You can find the random address list in each state in the navigation bar on each site. We also list 50 state random address link below, you can click the link to find the page.

📌 Random address generator tool.(link is external) You can choose the state and city to get the random address list in the city.


City Random address. You can find the city random address list in the city page.
📌 For example, LOS ANGELES random address list.(link is external)


ZIP Code random address. It mean that you can find random address by ZIP Code.
📌 For example, ZIP Code 90057 random address list.(link is external)



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